TradeTech FX 2018

September 10-September 12, 2018


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Brigid Taylor

Managing Director
Brigid’s primary focus is delivering a solution to attest and measure adherence to Global Codes of Conduct for financial market participants in buy side, sell side and intermediaries, as well as Regulators and Central Banks. She also assists ACI National Associations across 64 countries to meet regulatory requirements within their country and region, as well as collaborates with ACI Working Groups focused on specific market functions, particularly within FX, Fixed Income, Commodities and Asset&Liability Management in treasuries globally. She helps deliver an accredited education platform that enhances knowledge and skills for participants from entry level to master level. Brigid was previously ACI President for South Africa & ACI Global Executive Board Regional Head of Africa. Brigid will be taking part in the Panel Discussion ‘Between a Global Code Of Conduct ‘rock’ and a MiFID II ‘hard place’ - How are traders approaching regulatory challenges to achieve best execution and a fully compliant trading desk?’ on the 12th June.