TradeTech FX 2018

September 10-September 12, 2018


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Caspar Marney

Velador Associates Ltd
Velador Associates provides consulting expertise on the financial markets, including forensic analysis of financial transactions and market data, as well as regulatory issues. The firm has been at the centre of the debate on the practice of 'Last Look' in Foreign Exchange ("FX"), advising central banks, corporates, industry bodies, regulators and law firms on the subject. The team includes financial mathematicians and software developers from the world's leading universities, as well as former quantitative analysts, traders and risk managers from first tier investment banks; representing decades of experience at the highest levels of both mathematics and finance. Caspar will be taking part in the Panel Discussion ‘The big picture on market structure - What are the major developments transforming European FX markets and how will this change the way you interact with your sell side, platform and technology counterparts?’ on the 13th September as well as hosting the Roundtable ‘Last look standardization – Does the Global Code improve transparency and help regulate the usage of last look, or does it condone its abuse?’ on the 13th September.