TradeTech FX 2017

September 11-September 13, 2017

Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona

44 (0) 20 7368 9836

Jane Brosbøl

Head of Systematic FX Trading
Nordea Asset Management
I have worked in Nordea since Febr. 2007. The first two years as Ass. Portfolio Manager and afterwards as FX Trader. Since Dec. 2016 I have been responsible for Systematic FX trading. As of 1. of June 2017 Systematic FX Trading and FX Trading are consolidated into one Trading desk which I am the new Head of. I hold a Graduate Diploma in Finance from Copenhagen Business School. Private I am married to Ole and together we have two girls aged 5 and 9. In my spare time I like to run and travel with my family. We live in Gentofte (North of Copenhagen). Jane will be a Participant in the Women In Trading Breakfast ‘How Can The FX Industry Better Attract, Develop And Retain Top Female Talent?’ On the 13th September.

Day 2 - Wednesday 13th September 2017

08:00 AM Women In Trading Breakfast: How Can The FX Industry Better Attract, Develop And Retain Top Female Talent?

  • How is the FX industry addressing the aspirations of women to develop in leadership roles?

  • How are firms showcasing female talent contributing in the financial sector?

  • Sharing common challenges with your female peers and finding solutions to address them

  • What does it means to be a woman in the FX industry in 2017