TradeTech FX 2017

September 11-September 13, 2017

Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona

44 (0) 20 7368 9836

Oscar Salem

Cold Spring Asset Management

Day 1 - Tuesday 12th September 2017

17:20 PM Case Study: FX Options Deep Dive – As Volumes Flourish, How Can You Incorporate Them Into Your Portfolio To Generate Alpha?

  • As the last FX instrument to move from OTC markets to electronic platforms, and best execution requirements pushing FX options volumes up – how can you take advantage of this new investment trend?

  • What are the current structural inefficiencies when investing in FX options and how can you overcome them?

  • Where is the FX options space heading from an investment trend point of view?

  • What are the best ways of incorporating FX options in your portfolio