TradeTech FX 2018

September 10-September 12, 2018


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Patrick Fleur

Head of Trading and Execution
Patrick is head of the Trading & Execution Desk at PGGM, a role which he has held since September 2007. PGGM is the third biggest asset manager for pension funds in Europe, where Patrick heads a team of professionals who can hold risk or act as an agent servicing 16 different teams of portfolio managers across all liquid asset categories. He is responsible for all relationships with financial counterparts and for all Front Office IT & facility related services. Next to this he is a member of the PGGM Allocation Committee who advice clients on long-term tactical adjustments to their investment portfolio. Patrick also holds positions at the ACI FX Committee, the ECB FX Contact Group and the Bloomberg FX Advisory Board. Patrick will be a Participan in the Buy Side Think Tank on the 12th September.

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