TradeTech FX 2017

September 11-September 13, 2017

Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona

44 (0) 20 7368 9836

Peter Garnham

Peter is the editor at FX-MM, the leading technical journal for the trading, treasury and technology community.

Day 2 - Wednesday 13th September 2017

12:00 PM 360° Perspective: Front office talent - How are the traditional FX trading buy and sell side skill sets changing in order to prosper in a new FX structure?

  • What expertise and technological know how is now needed on the buy side in increasingly electronic markets?

  • How are sell side firms investing in talent to better service their clients?

  • Is increased technology usage leading to the disintermediation of relationships between the buy and sell side?

  • Why is there significantly less transparency on the buy side as opposed to the sell side in regards to compensation, trading roles and firm structure? Where can you find relevant information to give you a better picture of the market?