TradeTech FX 2018

September 10-September 12, 2018

NH Collection Tower, Barcelona

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TRAction Fintech

TRAction Fintech provides delegated OTC derivative trade reporting services to clients by acting as a third party between clients and the licensed trade repositories. TRAction Fintech services clients in London, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. TRAction Fintech’s services are distinct from its competitors in that the company provides clients with a full service offering. Services can be separated into three distinct categories: trade date extraction and conversion, reporting trades on clients’ behalf; and advisory and consultation. TRAction Fintech’s fees are capped so that clients don’t pay more than they would if they were reporting directly to the trade repository. TRAction Fintech makes it a whole lot easier and more cost efficient for clients instead of clients devoting internal compliance, legal and management resources (or in some cases external compliance and legal resources) to dealing with trade reporting obligations.

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Website: TRAction Fintech