TradeTech FX 2018

September 10-September 12, 2018

NH Collection Tower, Barcelona

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Dataminr creates real-time, actionable breaking news alerts from public social media activity. Our powerful algorithms instantly transform all publicly available Twitter data and other public data sets into actionable news alerts that enable security, operations, and financial professionals around the world to be proactively alerted to must-know information as events unfold.

It’s clear that market volatility driven by unexpected macro events can upend even the most robust investment strategy. The need to capture market moving information from the most unlikely of sources is driving investment professionals towards open source solutions that allow them to exploit reliable, early, and differentiated information from around the globe.

Dataminr for Finance uses cutting edge technology and proprietary processes to identify information from across social media and provide customized, real-time alerting on the investment universe that matters to you. With Dataminr, you have a critical tool that surfaces the content you need to quickly act and avoid being blindsided by unexpected events.

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