TradeTech FX 2018

September 10-September 12, 2018

NH Collection Tower, Barcelona

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FX Connect

FX Connect
In today’s competitive foreign exchange market, speed of execution, access to liquidity and robust risk management are critical for real money managers, corporates, insurance companies and hedge funds. Having access to a single system that can address their complex portfolio management and regulatory obligations is vital. FX Connect is an award-winning, multi-bank FX execution platform designed to simplify and automate the FX trading process. From complex trades down to the simplest ones, FX Connect’s relationship-based offering helps users to reduce operational risk, increase transparency and optimize best execution practices whilst driving efficiency. FX Connect Benefits: • Deep and broad liquidity • A complete end-to-end workflow solution • Wide choice of execution styles • Proven integration capabilities with OMS and accounting systems • 24 X 6 client support and designated account management FX Connect Trade Services offers an exception-based confirmation platform, with a single dashboard and consolidated view of your post-trade activities, including settlement-enriched SWIFT messaging to external parties. FX Connect Trade Services provides exception-based auto-matching based on account, value date, amounts and currencies. This provides real-time views of where each of your trades is in the settlement process and can be sorted into queues providing indications as to why a trade did not match. Daily trades, outstanding trades and position management reporting, including mark-to-market revaluation of outstanding contracts are all included. We also support Continuous Linked Settlements (CLS) with timely checks to satisfy CLS requirements. Net settlement with brokers and notification to custodian and agents is also available.

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