TradeTech FX 2017

September 11-September 13, 2017

Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona

44 (0) 20 7368 9836

Toby Baker

Senior Foreign Exchange Trader
T. Rowe Price
T Rowe Price is a Global Investment manager with offices in 14 countries, managing client assets over $700 Billion. The investment execution is traded out of Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Baltimore. Toby is on the TradeTech FX 2017 Advisory Board, and will be taking part in the Oxford Style Debate ‘ True or False – Brexit will lead to London losing its position as the global FX hub’ on the 12th September.

Buy Side Only Platform Evaluation Day - Monday 11th September 2017

12:50 PM Buy Side Perspective: Establishing the right partner - What questions should you be asking to fully recognise the pros and cons of each initiative?

  • The platform paradigm - How can you establish which initiative you should be supporting and why?

  • When evaluating platforms, what are the key criteria you should be testing and looking out for?

  • How can you establish what platform is best suited to fit into your current workflow and support your execution and back office processes?

  • What are the different liquidity processes and how can you enhance your existing processes to access more liquidity?

  • What different platform models can help you prosper in an ever-increasing electronic environment?

Day 2 - Wednesday 13th September 2017

09:00 AM All Star Panel: The big picture on market structure - What are the major developments transforming European FX markets and how will this change the way you interact with your sell side, platform and technology counterparts?

  • What advice do leading players from the full FX value chain have for the buy side to survive and thrive in the evolving FX backdrop?

  • With the emergence of non-bank liquidity providers, what’s left for banks? How is their service model fundamentally changing?

  • With less price makers, liquidity gaps, increased transaction costs, and an increased focus on compliance, how are firms navigating all these hurdles and preparing for the future?

  • How can all market members move on from historical ways of working and embrace the spirit of the new regulation and transparency?